Let Alliance Concrete Services, LLC Do the Heavy Lifting

Let Alliance Concrete Services, LLC Do the Heavy Lifting

Concrete Lifting in Weatherford, Fort Worth & Dallas, TX

More than just an eyesore, uneven concrete becomes a hazard for walking or driving. It's even worse if the problem is a garage floor, a commercial floor, or the building's foundation. For skillful repair, you can count on the expert team at Alliance Concrete Services, LLC.

Fix Your Commercial Driveways, Sidewalks and Factory Floors

Businesses face many different types of problems with concrete slabs. For some, it may be a cracking sidewalk or an uneven parking lot. This may turn off your customers or cause a costly accident. For other businesses, it may be the buckling floor of a warehouse, factory or store. This foundation issue is sure to grow worse over time. Our repair methods can save you money and fix your problem.

Repair Your Residential Driveway, Pool Deck, Stoop or Patio

Home values in Weatherford, TX can drop if driveways, pool decks, garage floors or patios are allowed to crack or settle. It's vital to get this problem corrected, but you may not need a costly full replacement. Our repair methods may do the trick for half the cost.

How It Works
Using targeted drilling, we will drill 5/8" penny size holes, then we will inject a liquid TerraThane product that will react in seconds to raise and stabilize the foundation. Our efforts will eliminate the void and stabilize the unstable loose soil underneath (Often the root of the problem) while lifting and leveling the concrete back to its orignial position. The Terrathane material weighs less than 2 percent of the sand/slurry mix used in the mud jacking process which doesn't add any weight to an already failing substructure.

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